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Small Business Solutions:

We access your business need and specially tailor an IT infrastructure based on your needs, both hardware & software even your phone network.

Schools Solutions:

  • Computer Health & Safety:
    Using computer can create health and safety issues, but with appropriate equipment, training and common sense can address most computer health and safety issues

  • PC Hygiene/Cleaning:
    Computers and other electronic devices are often used by others in many workplaces, they are subject to each user’s bacteria or viruses, and are a medium for passing them on to others.

  • Managing student and teacher data:
    Simplify and automate tasks for running your school, and share data between students, and teachers.

  • Ensuring your school internet is safe and secure.

  • Repair, replacement & upgrade of IT infrastructure.

Software Testing Solutions:

We specialize in ensuring that your application is free of issues/bugs. Provide QA software testing and application testing services (Manuel testing & Automation testing)

  • Functional Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • Exploratory Testing

  • Mobile Apps Testing

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